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Andrew Campos

I’ve been working on pools for years and know them well. I started in the field in my early twenties, working as an apprentice for a pool contractor and learned all of the skills in new pool construction. Some connections led to me getting personal jobs constructing new pools, which really fine-tuned my knowledge and experience during the big housing boom in the early 2000’s. When the economy went bad in ’08, however, I had to get creative. No one was needing pools built anymore, but there were still home owners who had existing pools that needed service, so I started cleaning pools to make money—and so Divine Pool Service started. We went from the early years putting signs by the freeway with my wife and got more work to now having a website, great Yelp reviews, and consistent referrals.

 I love being outside and the freedom of working for myself and doing something that people can use and need—that they can enjoy the beauty of something I take care of. 

What makes Divine Pool Service great is that it is a small, family-owned local business. I’ve been married for 4 years to my beautiful wife, and we have 4 children. My business supports my family. We live locally and serve our neighboring Inland Empire communities. You won’t get impersonal, corporate service here. I’m the person you call to schedule your appointment I’m the person you see when you get your work done. I’m a hard worker and take care of business, giving it my all. I’m very particular, taking it personally when things go wrong with my pools, and am dedicated to keeping the pools as nice as possible. I want my customers to be happy because happy customers make a successful business and take care of my family. 

If you are a home owner or a manager of a commercial business that has pools like apartment complexes, acquatic centers, or hotels, consider my services.

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