What We Do

We provide rest and relaxation

Weekly services include the cleaning of your choice. Water chemistry analysis and balancing, water level check, equipment operation check, timer clock operation check, and cleaning system check .

Steps We Take To
Optimize Your Pool

Lubricate Your O-Rings To Extend Life and Seal Efficiency
Adjust All Directional Eyeball Returns To Properly Circulate The Water
Adjust Auto Water Leveler To Keep The Water At Proper Levels
Adjust Time Clock So The Pool Runs The Necessary Amounts Per Season
Adjust Pool Suction So The Pump Can Remove Dirt and Debris Efficiently

Our Profile

Divine Pool Service has been the premier pool maintenance service in the Inland Empire since 1999, and with hard work, dedication to detail, and word of mouth we have grown strong ever since.

We are licensed with the California Registrar of Contractor's (ROC 861603),Bonded. Our clients can rest assured that the work being done on their pool is performed by a qualified and dedicated company. http://www.rc.state.ca.us/